Organic Bamboo Bandages
Organic Bamboo Bandages
Organic Bamboo Bandages
Organic Bamboo Bandages
Organic Bamboo Bandages
Organic Bamboo Bandages

Organic Bamboo Bandages

Organic Bamboo Bandages

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There's plastic in bandages? Yep! Our organic bamboo bandages help you patch up your cuts, scrapes and bumps with sustainable pride. Unlike conventional strips, our bandages are natural, hypoallergenic, and manufactured to protect you and the earth from damage caused by plastic and other know irritants.
Size: Large - 20ct
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Latex Free
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    NATURAL, LATEX FREE, TOXIN-FREE: Our organic bandage strips are hypoallergenic and free from known irritants

    PREMIUM, FLEXIBLE FABRIC: Strips contour to your body, providing comfort, protection & support as you move.

    SUSTAINABLE & EFFECTIVE: A safe alternative to common fabric strips that heal you & the earth.

    BIODEGRADABLE: Our bandages will patch your wounds, but break down in your home compost in weeks.

    200ct: 10 3in x 3in large bandages, 30 1in x 3in strips, 50 3/4in x 3in strips, 70 5/8in x 2.25in small bandages, and 40 round spot bandages

    75ct: 15 1in x 3in, 25 3/4in x 3in, 35 5/8in x 2.25in

    Spot: 50 7/8in round

    Finger & Knuckle: 15 3in x 1.5in, 15 2in x 1.75in

    Large: 10 3in x 3in, 10 3in x 1.5in

  • Ingredients

    Organic Bamboo, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive, Latex-Free, Paraben Free, Methylisothiazolinone (mi) free, Methylchloroisothiazolinone (mci) free

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A Better Bandage for Wound Care

A latex-free, compostable, plastic-free bandage made from organic bamboo and pressure sensitive adhesive
Flexible fabric that moves with you
Latex-free & hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
100% natural, zero plastics

The FEBU Difference

Our bandages are made from certified organic bamboo, a hyper-renewable resource, that is soft, flexible and contours to your body.

FEBU bandages are free from known irritants and toxins like PFAS & Flourine and suitable for sensitive skin and children.

If that weren't enough, our bandages biodegrade in 10 weeks in the compost and come packaged in FSC certified boxes that are plastic-free.

Compostable & Biodegradable
Non toxic, lab tested
Certified Organic Bamboo
Breathable, Flexible
latex free bamboo bandages for sensitive skin bandaids hypoallergenic patch

Strong adhesion, sensitive to skin

Our bandages are designed to last on skin and reduce the risk of irritation.

We use a leading hypoallergenic, non-toxic adhesive that sticks with you through thick and thin to keep you clean and safe while your wounds heal.

Apply to clean, dry skin for best results, but don't be surprised when they stick even through showering and washing your hands!

hypoallergenic latex free organic bamboo bandages for patch

Over 800+ reviews

Saved my skin - finding that i have a latex allergy later in life is not fun. but, these have saved me! they’re my go-to whenever i need a bandage
My favorite bandaids! Great adhesion and great for sensitive skin too!
Excellent product 👌Feels great and looks good! They stick very well but don't irritate my skin. Good for body, good for planet.
My daughter has super sensitive skin and gets a rash from "regular" band-aids. These work so well on her delicate skin. They protect the necessary area without damaging the skin around it.
I have no problem using these bandaids. I am very sensitive, I swell underneath, turn extremely red and itch. These did none of these things.
It’s very difficult for my family to find a bandage that doesn’t burn our skin! Adhesives and latex are not our friend, so I’m so grateful for these bandages because they work well and don’t irritate us🙌🏼
Not easy to remove if gets wet. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. Stays on until you remove it.
Grateful for these Bandages - I am allergic to most adhesives. I can wear them for a long period of time, and they do not cause me rashes or sores. Wonderful product!


  • What sizes and types of bandages do you offer?
    Our bandages come in 6 different packs with a total of 8 different shapes for different body areas and size of scratches. We have standard strip sizes (5/8in x 2.25in, 3/4in x 3in, 1in x 3in), spot (7/8in diameter), finger & knuckle (3in x 1.5in, 2in x 1.75in), and large (3in x 3in, 3in x 1.5in).
  • How long is the shelf life on these?
    FEBU Bandages have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of production and will not break down as they are fully enclosed and sterile. The expiration date isn't strict and bandages may continue to function well past the suggested date.
  • Are the wrappings the bandages come in also compostable? What is the white peel-away backing on the band-aid made of?
    The wrapper pouch is compostable and recyclable. The medical paper on the back of the bandages is only recyclable as it has some silicate to help maintain sterility and ensure the paper can be removed easily from the adhesive.
  • Does the adhesive contain methylisothiazolinone (mi) and/or methylchloroisothiazolinone (mci)?
    Our bandages contain neither of those ingredients. We carefully sourced our adhesive and fabric to ensure it was hypoallergenic and toxin-free.
  • Does the adhesive include any coconut (or derivatives)?
    Our adhesive does not contain coconut or any coconut derivatives.
  • What kind of sterilization method do you use?
    We use EO sterilization and fully seal the bandage in recyclable, fully enclosed, sterilized medical paper.